People boycotting those who boycotted polls In Bangladesh: Quader

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ফাইল ফটো

ফাইল ফটো

People are boycotting those who boycotted the 12th National Parliamentary Election in Bangladesh, Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader said on 7 January.

A large number of voters are coming to cast their votes in a festive atmosphere despite the extreme cold. Local and foreign observers and journalists are observing this. The essence and beauty of democracy is the election. 

Until now, everyone heard that the elections would not be participatory, free, and fair.  But now, everyone can see that people are coming to polling stations to cast their votes despite the severe cold. 

This is the success of the election and the beauty of democracy. People are casting their votes spontaneously in Bangladesh which proves the defeat of BNP and its allies. It proves voters have boycotted them," he said while talking to reporters after casting his vote at Udayan Pre-Cadet Academy Centre at Basurhat municipality in Noakhali.